342G-15 Annual report. (a) The coordinator shall prepare and submit an annual report to each county, the director, the governor, and the legislature, twenty days prior to the convening of each regular session of the legislature, describing the activities of the office. The annual report shall provide the information required in this chapter, including, but not limited to:

(1) A summary of the results achieved in meeting the state waste reduction goals, including the amounts of waste disposed of, diverted, and generated in the State, and the progress toward managing waste in consideration of the state solid waste management priorities;

(2) Results achieved in county integrated solid waste management planning and the state plan, with timetables for completion and implementation;

(3) Results achieved in implementing procurement programs, including the amount of recycled goods and materials purchased by the State and counties;

(4) Total paper consumption by state and county agencies and results achieved with the office paper reduction goal;

(5) Results achieved by government agencies in establishing office paper and other materials recovery programs;

(6) Results achieved by state and county agencies in removing barriers to the development of recycling markets and in developing markets and supporting businesses that use recovered materials;

(7) A summary of results achieved by state and county agencies in the provision and execution of the statewide public awareness and education program;

(8) A summary of results achieved by agencies to improve energy efficiency and to reduce reliance on imported fuels in compliance with sections 226-18 and 226-52;

(9) A summary and schedule of the key solid waste management goals and objectives planned for the following year at state and county levels; and

(10) Revenues into and expenditures from the environmental management special fund during the previous fiscal year and projections for revenues and expenditures in the coming fiscal year.

(b) Upon request from the office, the counties shall provide information, to the best of their abilities, to fulfill the requirements outlined in this section. [L 1991, c 324, pt of 2; am L 1993, c 312, 5]


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