Part I. General Provisions


342G-1 Definitions

342G-2 Solid waste management priorities

342G-3 Goals


Part II. Administration

342G-11 Administration

342G-12 Office of solid waste management, establishment

342G-12.5 Recycling coordinator

342G-13 Powers and duties of the department

342G-14 Powers and duties of the office of solid waste


342G-15 Annual report


Part III. Integrated Solid Waste Management Planning

342G-21 Establishment of county integrated solid waste

management plans

342G-22 Development of county integrated solid waste

management plans

342G-23 State review of county integrated solid waste

management plans

342G-24 Submission schedule for revised integrated solid

waste management plans

342G-25 Contents of county integrated solid waste management


342G-26 Contents of the program element

342G-27 Contents of the facility capacity and siting element

342G-28 Facility permitting

342G-29 Revisions to the state integrated solid waste

management plan

342G-30 Records

342G-31 Guidelines


Part IV. Governmental Coordination

342G-41 Goals for recycled product procurement

342G-42 Office responsibilities for recycled products


342G-43 Reporting

342G-44 Double-sided copying

342G-45 Establishment of an office paper and other materials

recovery program

342G-46 Coordination of bioconversion programs

342G-47 State agency responsibilities in the promotion of


342G-48 Recycling market development

342G-49 Repealed


Part V. Solid Waste Management Surcharge

342G-61 Solid waste collection surcharge

342G-62 Solid waste disposal surcharge

342G-63 Establishment of the environmental management

special fund

342G-64 Administration of the environmental management

special fund


Part VI. Enforcement and Penalties

342G-71 Penalties

342G-72 Enforcement


Part VII. Glass Container Recovery

342G-81 Definitions

342G-82 Advance disposal fee

342G-83 Glass container importers; registration,

recordkeeping requirements

342G-84 Deposit into environmental management special fund;

distribution to counties

342G-85 Container inventory report and payment

342G-86 County glass recovery programs; requirements

342G-87 Contract for administrative services

342G-88, 89 Repealed


Part VIII. Deposit Beverage Container Program

342G-101 Definitions

342G-101.5 Commercial passenger vessels; exemption

342G-102 Deposit beverage container fee

342G-102.5 Repealed

342G-103 Deposit beverage distributors; registration,

recordkeeping requirements

342G-104 Deposit into deposit beverage container deposit

special fund; use of funds

342G-105 Deposit beverage container inventory report and


342G-106 Contract for administrative services

342G-107 Management and financial audit

342G-108 Reserved

342G-109 Rules; commencement

342G-110 Payment and application of deposits

342G-111 Sales of beverages in deposit beverage containers;

distributor report; fee and deposit payment

342G-112 Deposit beverage container requirements

342G-113 Redemption of empty deposit beverage containers

342G-114 Redemption centers

342G-114.5 Repealed

342G-115 Reverse vending machine requirements

342G-116 Refusal of refund value payment for a deposit

beverage container

342G-117 Handling fees and refund values for certified

redemption centers

342G-118 Reserved

342G-119 Redemption center reporting

342G-120 Recycling facility reporting

342G-121 Audit authority

342G-122 Advisory committee

342G-123 Repealed


Cross References


Construction projects; recycled glass requirements, see 103D-407.

Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this chapter, see 604A-2.

Litter control, see chapter 339.

Plastic container coding, see 342H-41, 42.

Special wastes recycling, see chapter 342I.


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