Part I. Definitions and General Provisions


342F-1 Definitions

342F-2 Administration

342F-3 Duties, rules, powers, appointment of hearings


342F-4 Permits; procedures for

342F-4.5 Projects exempt from noise permit requirements

342F-5 Variances

342F-6 Inspection of premises

342F-7 Enforcement

342F-8 Emergency powers; procedures

342F-9 Penalties

342F-10 Citation

342F-11 Administrative penalties

342F-11.5 Disposition of collected fines and penalties

342F-12 Injunctive and other relief

342F-13 Appeal

342F-14 Fees

342F-14.5 Fees for notification

342F-15 Public records; confidential information; penalties

342F-16 Nonliability of department personnel

342F-17 Other action not barred

342F-18 Enforcement by state and county authorities

342F-19 Other powers of department not affected

342F-20 Effect of laws, ordinances, and rules

342F-21 Priority in courts


Part II. Noise Control

342F-30 Prohibition

342F-30.5 Noise control

342F-30.8 Leaf blowers; restrictions

342F-31 Rules; specific

342F-31.5 Noise measurement; rules

342F-32 Complaints; hearings; appointment of masters

342F-33 Research, educational, and training programs




Department of transportation's bridge rehabilitation and replacement program; temporary exemption from certain construction requirements of this chapter through June 30, 2017 or until completion. L 2012, c 218.


Cross References


Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this chapter, see 604A-2.


Law Journals and Reviews


Liability Insurance Coverage for Pollution Claims. 12 UH L. Rev. 83.


Case Notes


Neither this chapter nor rules promulgated under 342-42 for "vehicular noise" extend to sounds reproduced by an automobile's stereo and regulated under Revised Ordinances of Honolulu 41‑31.1. 81 H. 156 (App.), 914 P.2d 549.


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