Part I.  Definitions and General Provisions


   342D-1 Definitions

   342D-2 Administration

   342D-3 Board membership

   342D-4 Duties; rules

   342D-5 Rules; specific

   342D-6 Permits; procedures for

 342D-6.5 Hawaiian loko i`a

   342D-7 Variances

   342D-8 Inspection of premises

   342D-9 Enforcement

  342D-10 Emergency powers; procedures

  342D-11 Injunctive and other relief

  342D-12 Appeal

  342D-13 Fees

  342D-14 Public records; confidential information; penalties

  342D-15 Nonliability of department personnel

  342D-16 Remedies preserved

  342D-17 Enforcement by state and county authorities

  342D-18 Other powers of department not affected

  342D-19 Effect of laws, ordinances, and rules

  342D-20 Priority in courts

  342D-21 Sale and distribution of sunscreen containing

          oxybenzone or octinoxate, or both; prohibition


        Part II.  Penalties

  342D-30 Civil penalties

  342D-31 Administrative penalties

  342D-32 Negligent violations

  342D-33 Knowing violations

  342D-34 Knowing endangerment

  342D-35 False statements

  342D-36 Treatment of single operational upset

  342D-37 Responsible corporate officer as "person"

  342D-38 Hazardous substance defined

  342D-39 Disposition of collected fines and penalties


        Part III.  Water Pollution Control

  342D-50 Prohibition

342D-50.5 Treated or raw sewage; prohibition

  342D-51 Affirmative duty to report discharges

  342D-52 Testing of water and aquatic and other life

  342D-53 Certifying agency

  342D-54 Wastewater treatment works; financial assistance;


  342D-55 Recordkeeping and monitoring requirements

  342D-56 Complaints; hearings; appointment of masters

  342D-57 Public participation activities; appointment of

          hearings officers

  342D-58 Consultation and advice

  342D-59 Research, educational, and training programs

  342D-60 Annual reports

  342D-61 Household aerobic unit approval


        Part IV.  Miscellaneous Provisions

  342D-70 Use of gray water for irrigation purposes

  342D-71 Recycled water use

  342D-72 Cesspools; mandatory upgrade, conversion, or connection


        Part V.  Water Pollution Control Financing

  342D-80 Definitions

  342D-81 Declaration of policy

  342D-82 Powers and duties

342D-82.5 Use of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

          and other federal moneys

  342D-83 Revolving fund; establishment, purposes, coordination

  342D-84 Revolving fund; uses

  342D-85 Revolving fund; deposits

  342D-86 Revolving fund; fees, interest, and investment on


  342D-87 Revolving fund; conditions

  342D-88 Revenue bonds; authorization

  342D-89 Revenue bonds; payment and security

  342D-90 Revenue bonds; amount issued

  342D-91 Revenue bonds; investment of proceeds, and redemption

  342D-92 Trustee; designation; duties

  342D-93 Trust indenture


        Part VI.  Discharges from Commercial Passenger Vessels

 342D-101 Definitions

 342D-102 Prohibited discharges; limitations on discharges

 342D-103 Prohibited air emissions

 342D-104 Information-gathering requirements

 342D-105 Recordkeeping requirements

 342D-106 Reporting requirements

 342D-107 Memorandum of understanding; recognition program

 342D-108 Exemption for vessels in innocent passage

 342D-109 Activities of the department

 342D-110 Fine schedules for illegal discharges

 342D-111 Alternative terms and conditions of vessel discharges




  Department of transportation's bridge rehabilitation and replacement program; temporary exemption from certain construction requirements of this chapter through June 30, 2022, or until completion.  L 2012, c 218; L 2017, c 48.

  Investigation of cesspools that require upgrade, conversion, or connection; grant program feasibility; report to 2018 legislature.  L 2017, c 125, §3.

  Total maximum daily load coordinator positions.  L 2009, c 98, §6.


Cross References


  Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this chapter, see §604A-2.

  Nonpoint source pollution management and control, see chapter 342E.


Law Journals and Reviews


  Liability Insurance Coverage for Pollution Claims.  12 UH L. Rev. 83.

  Enforcement of Environmental Laws in Hawai`i.  16 UH L. Rev. 85.

  Ala Loop and the Private Right of Action Under Hawai`i Constitution Article XI, Section 9:  Charting a Path Toward a Cohesive Enforcement Scheme.  33 UH L. Rev. 367 (2010).


Case Notes


  Department of health's (DOH) duties under the public trust doctrine requires the DOH to not only issue permits after prescribed measures appear to be in compliance with state regulation, but also to ensure that the prescribed measures are actually being implemented after a thorough assessment of the possible adverse impacts the development would have on the State's natural resources; this duty is consistent with the constitutional mandate under article XI, §1 of the Hawaii constitution and the duties imposed upon the DOH by this chapter and chapter 342E.  111 H. 205, 140 P.3d 985.


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