342B-24 Action on a permit application. (a) Within sixty days of receipt of an application the department shall give the applicant written notice that the application is complete, or give the applicant written notice of incompleteness outlining additional information requirements.

(b) The department shall take final action on each permit application within eighteen months after the application is determined or deemed to be complete, except that in each of the first three years of the permit program the department need only act on one third of the permit applications submitted during the first year of the permit program. The department may prioritize final action on applications for construction or modification.

(c) Each application for a covered source shall be subject to federal oversight.

(d) For each application for a covered source permit the director shall provide public notice, including the method by which a public hearing can be requested, and an opportunity for public comments in accordance with section 342B-13. [L 1992, c 240, pt of 1; am L 1993, c 208, 5]


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