[342B-18] Annual reports to neighboring communities. (a) Every owner or operator of a major source within Campbell Industrial Park or Kahe Valley or every owner or operator of a geothermal facility that emits criteria air pollutants in excess of one hundred tons per year shall submit an annual report to the department within sixty days of the beginning of each year, which shall describe the following:

(1) The type and quantity of criteria pollutants emitted by the facility during the previous year;

(2) A description of controls, operating procedures, or other measures being used by the owner or operator to control emissions of these criteria pollutants.

(b) The department shall review and evaluate the information submitted under subsection [(a)] and produce a report. The department shall include the following information in the reports:

(1) A summary of the ambient air quality data collected for each criteria pollutant monitored;

(2) A comparison of the monitoring data collected against state and federal ambient air quality standards;

(3) Impacts of the monitored criteria pollutants' adverse effects on human health and the environment; and

(4) A report on air quality trends over a five-year period.

(c) The department shall distribute the reports described in this section on a monthly basis to adjacent neighborhood boards or community associations, or both. [L 1997, c 146, 7]


Revision Note


Subsection (b) redesignated pursuant to 23G-15(1).



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