REPEALED.  L 1992, c 240, §2.





        Part I.  Definitions and General Provisions


   342B-1 Definitions

   342B-2 Administration

   342B-3 General functions, duties, and powers of the director

   342B-4 Other powers of department and director not affected

   342B-5 Effect of laws, ordinances, and rules

 342B-5.5 Exemptions

   342B-6 Short title

   342B-7 Annual reports


        Part II.  Air Pollution

  342B-11 Prohibition

  342B-12 Specific powers of the director

  342B-13 Public participation

  342B-14 Variances

  342B-15 Complaints; hearings; appointment of masters

  342B-16 Research, educational, and training programs

  342B-17 Air quality modelers

  342B-18 Annual reports to neighboring communities

  342B-19 Unpermitted releases; timely notice


        Part III.  Permit Program

  342B-21 Specific functions, duties, and powers of the director

  342B-22 Permit and permit renewal; requirements

  342B-23 Application for permit

  342B-24 Action on a permit application

  342B-25 Approval of permit

  342B-26 General and temporary permits; single permit

  342B-27 Other permit action

  342B-28 Recordkeeping and monitoring requirements

  342B-29 Fees

  342B-30 Judicial review

  342B-31 Government records; confidential information

  342B-32 Clean air special fund

  342B-33 Minimum permit conditions

  342B-34 Exceptions

  342B-35 Crematoriums


        Part IV.  Enforcement and Penalties

  342B-41 Inspection of premises

  342B-42 Enforcement

  342B-43 Emergency powers; procedures

  342B-44 Injunctive and other relief

  342B-45 Citation

  342B-46 Appeal

  342B-47 Civil penalties

  342B-48 Administrative penalties

  342B-49 Criminal penalties

  342B-50 Disposition of collected fines and penalties

  342B-51 Enforcement by state and county authorities

  342B-52 Nonliability of department personnel

  342B-53 Other action not barred

  342B-54 Priority in courts

  342B-55 Consent orders; settlement agreements

  342B-56 Citizen suits


        Part V.  Small Business Assistance Program

  342B-61 Small business assistance program

  342B-62 Compliance advisory council; establishment;

          appointment, number, and term of members; duties

  342B-63 Small business ombudsman for air pollution control;

          qualifications; duties


        Part VI. Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  342B-71 Statewide greenhouse gas emissions limit, adoption

  342B-72 Greenhouse gas emissions limits; rules

  342B-73 Schedule of fees; establishment




  Department of transportation's bridge rehabilitation and replacement program; temporary exemption from certain construction requirements of this chapter through June 30, 2022, or until completion.  L 2012, c 218; L 2017, c 48


Cross References


  Asbestos and lead pollution control, see chapter 342P.

  Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this chapter, see §604A-2.

  Indoor air quality program, see §§321-411 to 413.


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