341-6 Functions of the environmental council. The council shall serve as a liaison between the director and the general public by soliciting information, opinions, complaints, recommendations, and advice concerning ecology and environmental quality through public hearings or any other means and by publicizing such matters as requested by the director pursuant to section 341-4(b)(3). The council may make recommendations concerning ecology and environmental quality to the director and shall meet at the call of the council chairperson or the director upon notifying the council chairperson. The council shall monitor the progress of state, county, and federal agencies in achieving the State's environmental goals and policies and with the assistance of the director shall make an annual report with recommendations for improvement to the governor, the legislature, and the public no later than January 31 of each year. All state and county agencies shall cooperate with the council and assist in the preparation of such a report by responding to requests for information made by the council. The council may delegate to any person such power or authority vested in the council as it deems reasonable and proper for the effective administration of this section and chapter 343, except the power to make, amend, or repeal rules. [L 1970, c 132, pt of 1; am L 1974, c 248, 1; am L 1983, c 140, 2]


Revision Note


Section "341-4(b)(3)" substituted for "341-4(b)(4)".


Law Journals and Reviews


Determining the Expiration Date of an Environmental Impact Statement: When to Supplement a Stale EIS in Hawai`i. 35 UH L. Rev. 249 (2013).



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