341-4 Powers and duties of the director. (a) The director shall have such powers delegated by the governor as are necessary to coordinate and, when requested by the governor, to direct pursuant to chapter 91 all state governmental agencies in matters concerning environmental quality.

(b) To further the objective of subsection (a), the director shall:

(1) Direct the attention of the university community and the residents of the State in general to ecological and environmental problems through the center and the council, respectively, and through public education programs;

(2) Conduct research or arrange for the conduct of research through contractual relations with the center, state agencies, or other persons with competence in the field of ecology and environmental quality;

(3) Encourage public acceptance of proposed legislative and administrative actions concerning ecology and environmental quality, and receive notice of any private or public complaints concerning ecology and environmental quality through the council;

(4) Recommend programs for long-range implementation of environmental quality control;

(5) Submit direct to the governor and to the legislature such legislative bills and administrative policies, objectives, and actions, as are necessary to preserve and enhance the environmental quality of the State;

(6) Conduct public educational programs; and

(7) Offer advice and assistance to private industry, governmental agencies, or other persons upon request.

(c) The director shall adopt rules pursuant to chapter 91 necessary for the purposes of implementing this chapter. [L 1970, c 132, pt of 1; am L 1978, c 161, 1; am L 1985, c 127, 3; am L 1987, c 185, 1; am L 2001, c 247, 1]


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