Part I. Drinking Water Regulations


340E-1 Definitions

340E-2 Drinking water standards

340E-2.5 Capacity development

340E-3 Variances and exemptions

340E-4 Imminent hazards

340E-4.5 Tampering with public water systems, penalties

340E-4.6 Inspection of premises

340E-4.7 Notification to users of potential lead contamination

340E-4.8 Water catchment systems

340E-5 Plan for emergency provision of water

340E-6 Notification of users and department

340E-7 Prohibited acts

340E-8 Penalties and remedies

340E-9 Administration


Part II. State Interim Action Levels for Contaminants

in Water

340E-21 Definitions

340E-22 Establishment of interim action levels

340E-23 Rules

340E-24 Notification of contamination of underground sources

of drinking water and other sources of public drinking


340E-25 Preemption


Part III. Drinking Water Financing

340E-31 Definitions

340E-32 Declaration of policy

340E-33 Powers and duties

340E-33.5 Use of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

and other federal moneys

340E-34 Grants

340E-35 Drinking water treatment revolving loan fund;

establishment, purpose

340E-36 Drinking water fund; uses and limitations;

types of assistance

340E-37 Drinking water fund; conditions

340E-38 Drinking water fund; deposits

340E-39 Drinking water fund; fees

340E-40 Drinking water fund; interest and investment on


340E-41 Compliance


Cross References


Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this chapter, see 604A-2.


Case Notes


Despite evidence that water use permit applicant violated this chapter, neither the water code nor the public trust precluded the commission on water resource management from allocating water to applicant to supply water to domestic end users from a delivery system that may not comply with this chapter; as this jurisdiction separately regulates water allocation and drinking water standards, and there was no discernable legislative intent to make water use permit applications subject to compliance with this chapter, violations of this chapter were not germane to a review of the propriety of water allocation under the water code and the public trust. 116 H. 481, 174 P.3d 320.


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