[340B-1] Definitions. As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

"Association of boards of certification for operating personnel in water and wastewater utilities" means that organization which serves as an information center for certification activities, recommends minimum standards and guidelines for the classification of potable water supply and wastewater systems and facilities and for certification of operators, facilitates reciprocity between state programs, and assists authorities in establishing new certification programs and upgrading existing programs.

"Board" means the board of certification established by section 340B-4.

"Director" means the director of health.

"Operator" means any individual who operates a wastewater treatment plant, or a major segment of a wastewater treatment plant.

"Person" means any individual, partnership, firm, association, joint venture, public or private corporation, trust, estate, commission, board, public or private institution, utility, cooperative, municipality, or any other legal entity.

"Supervisor" means, where shift operation is not required, any individual who has direct responsibility for the operation of a wastewater treatment plant or who supervises operators of such a plant. Where shift operation is required, "supervisor" means any individual who has direct responsibility for active daily on-site technical and administrative supervision, and active daily on-site charge of an operating shift, or a major segment of a wastewater treatment plant.

"Wastewater treatment plant" means the various facilities used in the treatment of wastewater, including a wastewater reclamation plant, but excluding a private sewage treatment plant with actual flows greater than 2.0 million gallons per day, with a valid discharge permit issued pursuant to chapter 342, and without a record of adjudged violations of any permit conditions at any time for the life of the permit. [L 1978, c 169, pt of 2]




Chapter 342 referred to in text is repealed.


Revision Note


Numeric designations deleted and definitions rearranged.



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