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Sections 339-1 to 11 designated as part I.


339-1 Definitions. As used in this chapter:

"Beverage" means beer or other malt beverages, mineral waters, fruit juices, ades, and other similar noncarbonated drinks, soda water, and flavored carbonated drinks, in liquid form and intended for human consumption.

"Beverage container" means the individual, separate, sealed glass, metal or plastic bottle or can, containing a beverage.

"Department" means the department of health.

"Director" means the director of the department of health.

"Litter" means rubbish, refuse, waste material, garbage, trash, offal, or any debris of whatever kind or description, whether or not it is of value, and includes improperly discarded paper, metal, plastic, glass, or solid waste.

"Litter bag" means a bag, sack, or other container which is large enough to serve as a receptacle for litter.

"Littering" means placing, throwing, or dropping litter on public or private property or in any public or private waters, except:

(1) In a place which is designated by the department or the county for the disposal of garbage and refuse;

(2) Into a litter receptacle; or

(3) Into a litter bag, provided that the bag is disposed of properly into a litter receptacle or in a place designated by the department or the county for disposal of garbage and refuse.

"Litter receptacle" means any container approved by the director and made available for the depositing of wastes.

"Public place" means any area that is used or held out for use by the public whether owned or operated by public or private interests.

"Recycle" means to extract from the waste collection items for which a market exists and delivering such items to a point where they are converted to a material for later manufacture or reprocessing.

"Watercraft" means any boat, ship, vessel, or other floating craft which is berthed in or sails upon the territorial waters of Hawaii.

"Waters of the State" means any stream, river, ocean, canal, harbor, bay, or the like located within the territorial limits of the State. [L Sp 1977 1st, c 2, pt of 2; am L 1979, c 60, 2; am L 1991, c 157, 9]




The source note to this section is supplemented by "L Sp 2008, c 13, 3(e); am L 2009, c 183, 16."



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