338-41 Issuance; procedure. (a) The department of health may make regulations respecting the form of Hawaiian birth certificates and certified copies of such certificates and other matters relating to Hawaii birth certificates as appear necessary and the regulations, when approved and made in accordance with chapter 91, shall have the force of law. The department shall furnish the form of the certificates and copies made therefrom.

(b) Any certificate of Hawaiian birth issued heretofore under or by virtue of any law of the Territory of Hawaii or the State, shall be prima facie evidence of the facts therein stated. [L 1911, c 96, 1; am L 1923, c 246, 1; RL 1925, 196; am L 1927, c 202, 1; RL 1935, 7610; RL 1945, 12910; am L 1951, c 132, 1; RL 1955, 57-40; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, 9; am L 1965, c 96, 39; HRS 338-41; am L 1970, c 11, 1; am L 1972, c 66, 1(4)]


Case Notes


Prima facie evidence overcome by competent evidence of nonidentification. 4 U.S.D.C. Haw. 258.

Certificate not controlling upon U.S. immigration officials re admission of Chinese. 217 F. 48; 35 Op. U.S. Att. Gen. 69.


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