Part I.  State Public Health Statistics Act


     338-1 Definitions of terms

     338-2 Authority and duties of the department of health

     338-3 Registration districts

     338-4 Deaths reported to county clerks

   338-4.5 Repealed

     338-5 Compulsory registration of births

     338-6 Local agent to prepare birth certificate

     338-7 Registration of foundlings; foundling report

     338-8 Compulsory registration of deaths and fetal deaths

     338-9 Filing and preparation of death and fetal death


    338-10 Late determination of the cause of death

    338-11 Form of certificates

    338-12 Evidentiary character of certificates

    338-13 Certified copies

    338-14 Fees for certified copies and searches; transcripts

           or other statistical summaries of vital records for

           National Center for Health Statistics; certified

           copies for veterans and others; and corrections on

           vital statistics certificates

  338-14.3 Verification in lieu of a certified copy

  338-14.5 Copies of certificate; fees

  338-14.6 Vital statistics improvement special fund

    338-15 Late or altered certificates

    338-16 Procedure concerning late and altered birth


    338-17 Late or altered certificate as evidence

  338-17.5 Judicial procedure to establish facts of birth

  338-17.7 Establishment of new certificates of birth, when

  338-17.8 Certificates for children born out of State

    338-18 Disclosure of records

  338-18.5 Sharing of vital statistics records with department

           of health program employees for approved research


    338-19 Photostatic or typewritten copies of records

    338-20 Adoption

  338-20.5 Adoption; foreign born persons

    338-21 Children born to parents not married to each other

    338-22 Other persons required to make records

    338-23 Permit for removal, burial, or other disposition

           of body

    338-24 Foreign permit for removal, burial, or other

           disposition of body

    338-25 Prerequisite for permit

  338-25.5 Disinterment of human bodies

  338-25.6 Fee

   338-26, 27 Repealed

    338-28 Transmittal of certificates to department

    338-29 Repealed

  338-29.5 Late registration of death, fetal death, marriage,

           and divorce

    338-30 Penalties


        Part II.  Certificates of Hawaiian Birth

    338-41 Issuance; procedure

    338-42 Repealed

    338-43 Perjury

    338-44 Renumbered


        Part III.  General Provisions

    338-51 Administration of oaths

    338-55 Disposition of body; armed forces service members


Cross References


  Reciprocal beneficiaries, see chapter 572C.


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