§334-61  Presumption; civil rights.  No presumption of insanity or legal incompetency shall exist with respect to any patient by reason of the patient's admission to a psychiatric facility under this chapter.  The fact of the admission shall not in itself modify or vary any civil right of any such person, including but not limited to civil service statutes or rights relating to the granting, forfeiture, or denial of a license, permit, privilege, or benefit pursuant to any law, or the right to dispose of property, execute instruments, make purchases, enter into contractual relationships, and to vote.  If the administrator of a psychiatric facility or the deputy is of the opinion that a patient should not exercise any civil right, application for a show cause order shall be made to the court under the above proceedings after notice pursuant to section 334-60.4. [L 1976, c 130, pt of §4; am L 1977, c 76, pt of §3; am L 1985, c 68, §7]