Part I. General and Administrative Provisions


334-1 Definitions

334-2 Mental health system

334-2.5 Contracts for facilities and services

334-2.7 Development or expansion of a forensic facility of

the department of health

334-3 Functions of department in mental health

334-3.5 Employment program for the chronically mentally

ill established

334-4 Personnel for mental health program

334-5 Confidentiality of records

334-6 Fees; payment of expenses for treatment services

334-7 Donations or grants to department

334-8 Agreements

334-9 Rules

334-10 State council on mental health

334-11 Service area boards

334-12 Bilingual mental health services

334-13 Representative payee program

334-14 Group homes for substance abusers; source of funds;

disposition of receipts

334-15 Mental health and substance abuse special fund;


334-16 Annual report; forensic patient data


Part II. Operation of Psychiatric Facilities

334-21 Licensing of psychiatric facilities

334-22 Penalty

334-23 Money belonging to patients

334-24 Admission; discharge; civil liability


Part III. State Hospital--Repealed

334-31 to 38 Repealed


Part IV. Admission to Psychiatric Facility

334-51 to 58 Repealed

334-59 Emergency examination and hospitalization

334-59.5 Notice of admissions, examinations, and


334-60 Repealed

334-60.1 Voluntary admission for nonemergency treatment

or supervision

334-60.2 Involuntary hospitalization criteria

334-60.3 Initiation of proceeding for involuntary


334-60.4 Notice; waiver of notice; hearing on petition;

waiver of hearing on petition for involuntary


334-60.5 Hearing on petition

334-60.6 Period of detention

334-60.7 Notice of intent to discharge

334-61 Presumption; civil rights

334-62 Service of process and papers upon patients


Part V. Transfer, Leave, and Discharge

334-71 Transfer of patients between facilities

334-72 Transfer of veterans

334-73 Repealed

334-74 Transfer of residents of correctional facilities

334-75 Authorized absence

334-76 Discharge from custody


Part VI. Appeal and Review

334-81 Request for hearing

334-82 Order to show cause; guardian ad litem

334-83 Hearing

334-84 Order

334-85 Further hearings

334-86 Status of patient pending hearing


Part VII. Community Residential Treatment System

334-101 Establishment

334-102 Criteria

334-103 Program elements

334-104 Least restrictive level of service

334-105 Evaluation

334-106 License or accreditation required


Part VIII. Assisted Community Treatment

334-121 Criteria for assisted community treatment

334-121.5 Examination for assisted community treatment


334-122 Definitions

334-123 Initiation of proceeding for assisted community


334-124 Hearing date

334-125 Notice

334-126 Hearing on petition

334-127 Disposition

334-128 Treatment costs and fees

334-129 Failure to comply with assisted community


334-130 Period of assisted community treatment

334-131 Notice of intent to discharge

334-132 Objection to discharge

334-133 Petition for additional period of treatment; hearing

334-134 Hearing for discharge


Part IX. Civil Commitment for Substance Abuse

Outpatient Treatment

334-141 Definitions

334-142 Petition

334-143 Notice of hearing and service of petition on


334-144 Hearing and court order

334-145 Treatment costs, fees, and costs for petition


334-146 Discharge

334-147 Failure to comply with court order

334-148 Application


Part X. Administration of Treatment Over the

Patient's Objection

334-161 Criteria for issuance of court or administrative

order for treatment over the patient's objection

334-162 Criteria for administrative authorization process




Chapter heading amended by L 1983, c 140, 3.

Involuntary hospitalization task force; report to 2020 legislature (ceases to exist on June 30, 2020). L 2019, c 90, 2.


Cross References


Drug dealer liability, see chapter 663E.

Drug demand reduction assessments, special fund; see 706-650.

Inspections of state-licensed care facilities; public notice, see 321-1.8.

Insurance benefits, see chapter 431M.


Rules of Court


Applicability of Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure, see HRCP rule 81(b)(7).


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