329-127 Protection of cannabis and other seized property. (a) Cannabis, paraphernalia, or other property seized from a qualifying patient or primary caregiver in connection with a claimed medical use of cannabis under this part shall be returned immediately upon the determination by a court that the qualifying patient or primary caregiver is entitled to the protections of this part, as evidenced by a decision not to prosecute, dismissal of charges, or an acquittal; provided that law enforcement agencies seizing live plants as evidence shall not be responsible for the care and maintenance of such plants.

(b) This section shall also apply to qualifying out-of-state patients and caregivers of qualifying out-of-state patients who are validly registered with the department of health pursuant to this part and the administrative rules of the department of health; provided that notwithstanding subsection (a) to the contrary, under no circumstances shall cannabis, paraphernalia, or other property be returned to any location outside of the island from which it was seized. [L 2000, c 228, pt of 2; am L 2017, c 170, 2; am L 2018, c 116, 9]


Revision Note


"Marijuana" changed to "cannabis" to conform to L 2017, c 170, pursuant to 23G-15.



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