329-69 Subpoena powers. Subject to the privileges which witnesses have in the courts of this State, the director of public safety or the director's designated subordinate is empowered pursuant to and in accordance with the rules of court to subpoena witnesses, examine them under oath and require the production of books, papers, documents or objects where the director of public safety reasonably believes the information sought is relevant or material to enforcement of this chapter. Books, papers, documents, or objects obtained pursuant to exercise of these powers may be retained by the director of public safety or the director's designate for forty-eight hours for the purpose of examination, audit, copying, testing, or photographing. Upon application by the director of public safety, obedience to the subpoenas may be enforced by the circuit court in the county where the person subpoenaed resides or is found in the same manner as a subpoena issued by the clerk of a circuit court. [L 1990, c 200, pt of 1 and am c 281, 10; am L 2000, c 98, 7]



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