329-64 Exceptions. (a) The requirements imposed by sections 329-62 and 329-63(a) of this part shall not apply to any of the following:

(1) Any pharmacist or other authorized person who sells or furnishes a substance upon the prescription of a physician, dentist, podiatrist, or veterinarian;

(2) Any physician, dentist, podiatrist, or veterinarian who administers or furnishes a substance to patients;

(3) Any manufacturer or wholesaler licensed by the State who sells, transfers, or otherwise furnishes a substance to a licensed pharmacy, physician, dentist, podiatrist, or veterinarian; and

(4) Any sale, transfer, furnishing, or receipt of any drug that contains pseudoephedrine or norpseudoephedrine that is lawfully sold, transferred, or furnished over the counter without a prescription pursuant to the federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 United States Code section 301 et seq.) or regulations adopted thereunder as long as it complies with the requirements of sections 329-73, 329-74, and 329-75.

(b) Notwithstanding the exceptions created by subsection (a) of this section, any manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, or other person who sells, transfers, or otherwise distributes in this State any list 1 or list 2 chemical, as defined in section 329-61, and who is required to register with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration as a list I chemical distributor under federal law (or who registers as a controlled substance distributor in lieu thereof), shall submit a copy of that registration application to the department of public safety. When such application is granted, the distributor shall file a copy of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration List I Chemical Registration (or Controlled Substance Registration) with the department. The distributor shall also file with the department a duplicate copy of any reports required under federal law at the same time as such reports are filed with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration for any transactions involving list I chemicals that shall be shipped into or otherwise transferred or distributed in this State.

(c) The exceptions set forth in subsection (a) of this section shall not be a defense to any offense as set forth in section 329-65(c) and (d). [L 1990, c 200, pt of 1; am L 1999, c 252, 10; am L 2006, c 171, 2; am L 2010, c 123, 6]



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