329-51 Powers of enforcement personnel. Any officer or employee of the department of public safety designated by the director of public safety may:

(1) Carry firearms in the performance of the officer's or employee's official duties;

(2) Execute and serve search warrants, arrest warrants, administrative inspection warrants, subpoenas, and summonses issued under the authority of this State;

(3) Make arrests without warrant for any offense under this chapter and under part IV of chapter 712 committed in the officer's or employee's presence, or if the officer or employee has probable cause to believe that the person to be arrested has committed or is committing a violation of this chapter or part IV of chapter 712 which may constitute a felony;

(4) Make seizures of property pursuant to this chapter; or

(5) Perform other law enforcement duties as the director of public safety designates. [L 1972, c 10, pt of 1; am L 1979, c 194, 6; gen ch 1985; am L 1990, c 281, 10]


Attorney General Opinions


Narcotics enforcement division investigators may carry firearms, serve warrants, subpoenas and summons, and make arrests; qualify as law enforcement officers for purposes of excluding personal use value of state vehicle from gross income. Att. Gen. Op. 91-03.



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