[329-49] Administrative penalties. (a) Any person who violates this chapter or any rule adopted by the department pursuant to this chapter shall be fined not more than $10,000 for each separate offense. Any action taken to collect the penalty provided for in this subsection shall be considered a civil action and the fine shall be deposited into the state general fund.

(b) The director may impose by order the administrative penalty specified in this section, in addition to any other administrative or judicial remedy provided by this part, or by rules adopted pursuant to this chapter. Factors to be considered in imposing the administrative penalty include:

(1) The nature and history of the violation;

(2) Any prior violation; and

(3) The opportunity, difficulty, and history of corrective action.

For any judicial proceeding to recover the administrative penalty imposed, the administrator need only show that notice was given, a hearing was held or the time granted for requesting a hearing has expired without such a request, the administrative penalty was imposed, and the penalty remains unpaid. [L 2008, c 186, pt of 1]



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