329-38.2 Prescriptions; additional restrictions. [Section repealed June 30, 2023. L 2018, c 153, 4.] (a) The prescription restrictions in this section shall apply in addition to the restrictions described in section 329-38.

(b) No prescriber shall prescribe a schedule II, III, or IV controlled substance without first requesting, receiving, and considering records of the ultimate user from the state electronic prescription accountability system as needed to reduce the risk of abuse of or addiction to a controlled substance, as needed to avoid harmful drug interactions, or as otherwise medically necessary; provided that this subsection shall not apply to any prescription:

(1) For a supply of three days or less that is made in an emergency situation, by an emergency medical provider, or in an emergency room;

(2) That will be administered directly to a patient under the supervision of a health care provider licensed to practice within the State; provided that a medically-indicated query of the electronic prescription accountability system is made when the patient is initially admitted for inpatient care at a hospital;

(3) That is an initial prescription for a patient being treated for post-operative pain; provided that the prescription is limited to a three-day supply with no refills;

(4) For a patient with a terminal disease receiving hospice or other types of palliative care; provided that for purposes of this paragraph, "terminal disease" means an incurable and irreversible disease that will, within reasonable medical judgment, produce death within six months;

(5) Prescribed while the state electronic prescription accountability system is nonfunctional; or

[(6)] Written pursuant to chapter 327L.

(c) The administrator of the state electronic prescription accountability system shall promptly disclose only the requested data to the requesting prescriber or the requesting prescriber's delegate. Disclosure as required under this section is permissible under the duty of confidentiality imposed by section 329-104. To the extent that this section conflicts with other state confidentiality and disclosure laws, this section shall prevail.

(d) A violation of this section shall not be subject to the penalty provisions of part IV of chapter 329; provided that a violation of this section may result in disciplinary action by the appropriate licensing authority. [L 2018, c 153, 2; am L 2019, c 251, 2 and c 256, 2]



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