§329-2  Hawaii advisory commission on drug abuse and controlled substances; number; appointment.  There shall be established a state advisory commission on drug abuse and controlled substances consisting of not more than fifteen nor less than nine members appointed by the governor, as provided in section 26-34.  The members shall be selected on the basis of their ability to contribute to the solution of problems arising from the abuse of controlled substances, and to the extent possible, shall represent the pharmacological, medical, community and business affairs, youth action, educational, legal defense, enforcement, and corrections segments of the community.  One of the appointed members shall be a member of the state council on mental health established by section 334-10, and shall be knowledgeable about the community and the relationships between mental health, mental illness, and substance abuse.  The commission shall elect a chairperson from among its members.  The members shall serve without compensation, but shall be paid their necessary expenses in attending meetings of the commission.  The commission shall be a part of the department of health for administrative purposes; provided that the department of health shall appoint an ex-officio non-voting representative to the commission who shall regularly attend meetings of both this commission and the state council on mental health, and make regular reports to both bodies. [L 1972, c 10, pt of §1 and am c 114, §2(4); am L 1985, c 7, §1; am L 1987, c 198, §1; am L 1993, c 210, §1]


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  Needle exchange program, see chapter 325, part VII.