REPEALED. L 1972, c 10, 7.




329-14 and 22 are renumbered 329-39 and 44, respectively, and assigned to the new chapter 329, Uniform Controlled Substances Act. L 1972, c 10, 7, 8.





Part I. General Provisions


329-1 Definitions

329-2 Hawaii advisory commission on drug abuse and

controlled substances; number; appointment

329-3 Annual report

329-4 Duties of the Hawaii advisory commission on drug

abuse and controlled substances


Part II. Standards and Schedules

329-11 Authority to schedule controlled substances

329-12 Nomenclature

329-13 Schedule I tests

329-14 Schedule I

329-15 Schedule II tests

329-16 Schedule II

329-17 Schedule III tests

329-18 Schedule III

329-19 Schedule IV tests

329-20 Schedule IV

329-21 Schedule V tests

329-22 Schedule V

329-23 Republishing and distribution of schedules


Part III. Regulation of Manufacture, Distribution,

Prescription, and Dispensing of Controlled


329-31 Rules

329-31.5 Clinics

329-32 Registration requirements

329-33 Registration

329-34 Revocation and suspension of registration

329-35 Order to show cause

329-36 Records of registrants

329-37 Filing requirements

329-38 Prescriptions

329-38.2 Prescriptions; additional restrictions

329-38.5 Opioid therapy; informed consent process; requirement

for written policies

329-39 Labels

329-39.5 Opioid warning label

329-40 Methadone treatment programs


Part IV. Offenses and Penalties

329-41 Prohibited acts B--penalties

329-42 Prohibited acts C--penalties

329-43 Penalties under other laws

329-43.5 Prohibited acts related to drug paraphernalia

329-43.6 Overdose prevention; limited immunity

329-44 Notice of conviction to be sent to licensing board,

department of commerce and consumer affairs

329-45 Repealed

329-46 Prohibited acts related to visits to more than one

practitioner to obtain controlled substance


329-49 Administrative penalties

329-50 Injunctive relief


Part V. Enforcement and Administrative Provisions

329-51 Powers of enforcement personnel

329-52 Administrative inspections

329-53 Injunctions

329-54 Cooperative arrangements and confidentiality

329-55 Forfeitures

329-56 Burden of proof; liabilities

329-57 Judicial review

329-58 Education and research

329-59 Controlled substance registration revolving fund;



Part VI. Regulated Chemicals for the Manufacture of

Controlled Substances

329-61 Substances subject to reporting

329-62 Proper identification

329-63 Person required to keep records and file reports

329-64 Exceptions

329-65 Penalty

329-66 Theft, loss, and discrepancy reports

329-67 Permit for conduct of business; applications; forms;

fees; renewal; violations

329-68 Protection of records; divulging confidential

information prohibited; penalties

329-69 Subpoena powers

329-70 Forfeiture

329-71 Requirements when selling specific chemicals

329-72 Rules

329-73 Repealed

329-74 Unlawful transport of pseudoephedrine

329-75 Sales of products, mixtures, or preparations

containing pseudoephedrine; reporting requirement

for wholesalers


Part VII. Precursors to Controlled Substances--Repealed

329-81 to 91 Repealed


Part VIII. Electronic Prescription Accountability


329-101 Reporting of dispensation of controlled substances;

electronic prescription accountability system;

requirements; penalty

329-102 Central repository

329-103 Designated state agency

329-104 Confidentiality of information; disclosure of



Part IX. Medical Use of Cannabis

329-121 Definitions

329-122 Medical use of cannabis; conditions of use

329-123 Registration requirements; qualifying patients;

primary caregivers

329-123.5 Registration requirements; qualifying out-of-state

patient; caregiver of a qualifying out-of-state


329-124 Insurance not applicable

329-125 Protections afforded to a qualifying patient, primary

caregiver, qualifying out-of-state patient, or

caregiver of a qualifying out-of-state patient

329-125.5 Medical cannabis patient and caregiver protections

329-125.6 Protections afforded to an owner or qualified

employee of a licensed medical cannabis dispensary

329-126 Protections afforded to a treating physician or

advanced practice registered nurse

329-127 Protection of cannabis and other seized property

329-128 Fraudulent misrepresentation; penalty

329-129 Prohibited acts; flammable solvents

329-130 Authorized sources of medical cannabis

329-131 Prescription and pharmacy requirements not applicable


Cross References


Drug dealer liability, see chapter 663E.

Medical cannabis; economic and other data; collection, see 201-13.9.

Medical cannabis testing and research programs, see 304A-1865.

Money laundering, see chapter 708A.


Law Journals and Reviews


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Case Notes


Hawaii county ordinance that established cannabis offenses as the lowest law enforcement priority in the county conflicted with, and was therefore preempted by, this chapter and other state laws governing the investigation and prosecution of alleged violations of the Hawaii Penal Code concerning the adult personal use of cannabis. 135 H. 411, 353 P.3d 953 (2015).

This chapter preempted a Hawaii county ordinance that made the enforcement of marijuana laws the lowest enforcement priority in the county, because the ordinance covered the adult personal use of cannabis, which was the same subject matter that the legislature intended to govern under this chapter. 132 H. 511 (App.), 323 P.3d 155 (2014).



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