328J-1 Definitions

328J-2 Prohibition in facilities owned by the State or

the counties

328J-3 Prohibition in enclosed or partially enclosed places

open to the public

328J-4 Prohibition in enclosed or partially enclosed places

of employment

328J-5 Prohibition in sports arenas, outdoor arenas,

stadiums, and amphitheaters

328J-6 Presumptively reasonable distance

328J-7 Exceptions

328J-8 Declaration of establishment as nonsmoking

328J-9 Signs

328J-10 Nonretaliation and nonwaiver of rights

328J-11 Compliance and administration

328J-11.5 Statewide concern

328J-12 Penalties

328J-13 Public education

328J-14 Other applicable laws

328J-15 County ordinances

328J-16 Cigarette sales from vending machines and by

lunch wagons prohibited

328J-17 Distribution of sample cigarette or tobacco

products, cigarette or tobacco promotional

materials, and coupons redeemable for cigarette

or tobacco products or promotional materials

328J-18 Placement of cigarettes and tobacco products


Cross References


Hawaii health systems corporation facilities; tobacco and electronic smoking device use prohibited, see 323F-34.

Prohibition on smoking in and around public housing, see 356D-6.5.

Reduced ignition propensity cigarettes, see chapter 132C.

Smoking or use of tobacco products prohibited within state park system, see 184-4.5.

Tobacco products and electronic smoking devices; persons under twenty-one years, see 712-1258.


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