Part I. Hawaii Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act


328-1 Definitions

328-2 Same; label, etc.

328-2.1 Repealed

328-3 Same; misbranding or misleading advertisement

328-4 Same; antiseptic, germicide; new drug;


328-5 Same; "selling" includes what

328-6 Prohibited acts

328-7 Remedies for violation of law

328-8 Regulations to be prescribed

328-9 Foods deemed adulterated when

328-10 Foods deemed misbranded when

328-10.5 Regulations for exemption from labeling


328-11 Regulations to prevent contamination; emergency

permits to manufacturers, processors and packers

328-12 Suspension and reinstatement of permits

328-12.3 Protection of food

328-12.4 Food establishments; use of latex gloves prohibited

328-12.7 Display of unpackaged processed food

328-13 Adding of poisonous or deleterious substance,

regulation of

328-14 Drugs or devices deemed adulterated when

328-15 Drugs or devices deemed misbranded when;

prescriptions excepted, when

328-16 Drugs limited to dispensing on prescription

328-16.2 Customized patient medication package

328-16.5 Prescription labeling

328-17 New drugs, regulation of sale, etc.; exceptions

328-17.5 Principal labeler responsibility under recall of drug

328-17.6 Out-of-state prescriptions

328-17.7 Record of prescriptions

328-17.8 Electronic prescription information

328-17.9 Supply of electronic equipment

328-18 Cosmetics deemed adulterated when

328-19 Cosmetics deemed misbranded when

328-19.1 Consumer commodities; labeling; packaging

328-20 False advertising; exceptions

328-21 Rules and regulations, hearings

328-22 Duties of department

328-23 Inspection powers of director

328-24 Furnishing of samples to director

328-25 Director's right to inspect, require recordkeeping,

demand records, seize, and conduct hearings

328-26 Disposal of questioned articles; court orders;

expenses; bond

328-27 Perishables destroyed when

328-28 Duties of county attorneys, prosecuting attorney

328-29 Penalty; exceptions

328-30 Administrative penalties

328-31 Injunctive relief


Part II. Cold Storage of Food

328-41 Definitions

328-42 Department of health regulations

328-43 Records, food to be marked

328-44 Bad food; bait

328-45 Length of storage time

328-46 Restorage prohibited

328-47 Cold stored goods to be labeled; sales of

328-48 Penalty

328-49 What fish and when same may be put in cold

storage for future sale

328-50 Fishing on commercial fishing vessels

328-51 Causing preventable deterioration of; penalty


Part III. Frozen Food Products

328-61 Notifying consumer

328-62 Description of label

328-63 Injunction

328-64 Offense, penalty

328-65 Administration and enforcement

328-66 Thawed food


Part IV. Enrichment of Bread and Flour

328-71 Definitions

328-72 Flour must be enriched

328-73 Bread, rolls, buns, standard for

328-74 Flour, wrapped bread, rolls, standard for

328-75 Enforcement; suspension

328-76 Penalty


Part IVA. Honey

328-79 Home-based agricultural producer of honey; exemption

328-80 Home-based agricultural producer of honey;



Part V. Drug Abuse, Control--Repealed

328-81 to 89 Repealed


Part VI. Drug Product Selection

328-91 Definitions

328-92 Drug product and biological product selection

328-93 Repealed

328-94 Prescription record

328-95 Repealed

328-96 Hawaii list of equivalent generic drug products and

interchangeable biological products

328-97 Posting requirements

328-98 Pharmacist liability

328-99 Exceptions

328-100, 101 Repealed

328-102 Criminal penalty

328-103 Administrative penalties

328-104 Injunctive relief

328-105 Powers and duties

328-106 Pharmacy benefit manager; maximum allowable cost


Part VII. Wholesale Prescription Drugs: Storage,

Handling, and Recordkeeping

328-111 Objective

328-112 Definitions

328-113 Rules

328-114 Notice

328-115 Inspection

328-116 Penalty; exceptions

328-117 Administrative penalties

328-118 Injunctive relief

328-119 Minimum requirements for the storage and handling

of prescription drugs

328-120 Recordkeeping

328-121 Written policies and procedures

328-122 Responsible persons

328-123 Salvaging and reprocessing


Cross References


Electronic prescription accountability system, see 329-101 to 104.

Hand-pounded poi, see 321-4.7


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