[327L-20] Prohibited acts; penalties. (a) Any person who intentionally makes, completes, alters, or endorses a request for a prescription made pursuant to section 327L-2, for another person, or conceals or destroys any documentation of a rescission of a request for a prescription completed by another person, shall be guilty of a class A felony.

(b) Any person who knowingly coerces or induces a patient by force, threat, fraud, or intimidation to request a prescription pursuant to section 327L-2, shall be guilty of a class A felony.

(c) Nothing in this section shall limit any liability for civil damages resulting from any intentional or negligent conduct by any person in violation of this chapter.

(d) The penalties in this chapter are cumulative and shall not preclude criminal penalties pursuant to other applicable state law. [L 2018, c 2, pt of 3]



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