[327L-3] Form of the written request. (a) A valid written request for a prescription under this chapter shall be substantially in the form described in section 327L-23, and shall be signed and dated by the qualified patient and witnessed by at least two individuals who, in the presence of the qualified patient, attest that to the best of their knowledge and belief the qualified patient is of sound mind, acting voluntarily, and is not being coerced to sign the request.

(b) One of the witnesses shall be a person who is not:

(1) A relative of the qualified patient by blood, marriage, or adoption;

(2) A person who at the time the request is signed would be entitled to any portion of the estate of the qualified patient upon death under any will, trust, or other legal instrument, or by operation of law; or

(3) An owner, operator, or employee of a health care facility where the qualified patient is receiving medical treatment or is a resident.

(c) The qualified patient's attending provider at the time the request is signed shall not be a witness. [L 2018, c 2, pt of 3]



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