Part I. Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act


     327-1 Short title

     327-2 Definitions

     327-3 Applicability

     327-4 Who may make an anatomical gift before donor's death

     327-5 Manner of making an anatomical gift before donor's


     327-6 Amending or revoking an anatomical gift before

           donor's death

     327-7 Refusal to make an anatomical gift and effect of


     327-8 Preclusive effect of an anatomical gift, amendment,

           or revocation

     327-9 Who may make an anatomical gift of decedent's body or

           body part

    327-10 Manner of making, amending, or revoking an anatomical

           gift of decedent's body or body part

    327-11 Persons that may receive anatomical gift; purpose of

           anatomical gift

    327-12 Search and notification

    327-13 Delivery of document of gift not required; right to


    327-14 Rights and duties of procurement organization and


    327-15 Coordination of procurement and use

    327-16 Sale or purchase of body parts prohibited

    327-17 Penalty

    327-18 Immunity

    327-19 Law governing validity; choice of law as to execution

           of document of gift; presumption of validity

    327-20 Donor registry

    327-21 Effect of anatomical gift on advance health-care


    327-22 Cooperation between medical examiner or coroner and

           procurement organization

    327-23 Facilitation of an anatomical gift from a decedent

           whose body is under the jurisdiction of the medical

           examiner or coroner

    327-24 Hawaii organ and tissue education special fund

    327-25 Uniformity of application and construction

    327-26 Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and

           National Commerce Act


         Part II.  Disposition of Dead Human Bodies

    327-31 Repealed

    327-32 Administration; duties of health officers

    327-33 to 35 Repealed

    327-36 Final disposition of anatomical gifts

    327-37 Repealed

    327-38 Prohibitions; penalty

    327-39 Immunity from liability


         Part III.  General Provisions

    327-51 Exemption from strict liability

    327-52 Requests for anatomical gifts


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