Part I. General Provisions


323F-1 Definitions

323F-2 Hawaii health systems corporation

323F-3 Corporation board

323F-3.5 Regional system boards

323F-4 Board meetings

323F-4.5 Captive insurance board

323F-5 Disclosure of interests

323F-5.5 Criminal history record checks

323F-6 Records

323F-7 Duties and powers of the corporation and regional

system boards

323F-7.5 Regional system boards; delegated authority

323F-7.6 Transition of Hawaii health systems regional system

or health facility to a new entity

323F-8 Chief executive officer; exempt positions

323F-8.5 Regional chief executive officer; exempt position

323F-9 Hiring of attorneys

323F-10 Regional public health facility management advisory


323F-10.5 Executive public health facility management advisory

committee; establishment

323F-10.6 Peer review and credentialing

323F-11 Executive branch; noninterference

323F-12 Public-private partnership


Part II. Budget and Finance

323F-21 Fiscal provisions

323F-22 Annual audit and report; disclosure of revenue

projections; internal performance audit

323F-23 Exemption from taxation

323F-24 Budget oversight

323F-25 Regional system board; community hospitals;

community health centers; collaboration


Part III. Other Provisions

323F-31 Maintenance of services

323F-32 Acquisition of Kahuku hospital

323F-33 Hawaii Medical Center-East; affiliation;


323F-34 Tobacco and electronic smoking devices use



Part IV. Public-Private Partnerships for the Delivery

of Health Care Services at Maui Regional

System Facilities

323F-51 Definitions

323F-52 Transfer of right and responsibility to manage,

operate, and provide health care services in a

facility of the Maui regional system to a

nonprofit management entity

323F-53 Approvals required

323F-54 Real property; terms and conditions

323F-55 Transfer or assignment of other business assets

323F-56 Liabilities

323F-57 Employment, wages, and benefits

323F-58 Operating support

323F-59 Capital project support

323F-60 Strategic commitment during term of lease


Cross References


Hospital sustainability program, see chapter 346G.

Kahuku medical center; designation as a rural hospital, see 346-53.8.

Nursing facility sustainability program, see chapter 346F.


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