Part I.  General Provisions


   323D-1 Purpose

   323D-2 Definitions


        Part II.  State Health Planning and Development Program

  323D-11 State health planning and development agency

  323D-12 Health planning and development functions; state


323D-12.5 Repealed

323D-12.6 State health planning and development special fund;

          created; deposits; expenditures; fees

  323D-13 Statewide health coordinating council

323D-13.5 Disqualification from position or membership

  323D-14 Functions; statewide health coordinating council

  323D-15 State health services and facilities plan

  323D-16 Repealed

  323D-17 Public hearings required

  323D-18 Information required of providers

323D-18.5 Access to health and dental insurance data;

          mandatory reporting for certain insurers; uses;


323D-18.6 Confidentiality of information


        Part III.  Subarea Health Planning Councils

  323D-21 Subarea health planning councils, established

  323D-22 Subarea health planning councils, functions, quorum

          and number of members necessary to take valid action

  323D-23 Subarea health planning councils, composition,


  323D-24 to 27 Repealed


        Part IV.  State Medical Facilities--Repealed

  323D-31 to 33 Repealed


        Part V.  Certificate of Need

  323D-41 Repealed

  323D-42 Review panel

  323D-43 Certificates of need

  323D-44 Applications for certificates of need

323D-44.5 Administrative review of certain applications for

          certificate of need

323D-44.6 Review of certain applications for certificate of

          need; waiver

323D-44.7 Monitoring of approved certificates of need

  323D-45 Subarea council, review panel, and statewide council

          recommendations for issuance or denial of certificates

          of need

323D-45.1 Ex parte contacts prohibited

323D-45.2 Repealed

323D-45.3 Approval of applications required to meet safety,

          licensure, or accreditation standards

  323D-46 Conditional certification

323D-46.1 Repealed

323D-46.2 Withdrawal of a certificate of need

  323D-47 Request for reconsideration

  323D-48 Judicial review of state agency decisions

  323D-49 Certificates of need; licenses and permits

  323D-50 Certificates of need, penalties

  323D-51 Injunctive relief

  323D-52 Letters of intent

  323D-53 Periodic reports from health facilities

  323D-54 Exemptions from certificate of need requirements

  323D-55 Repealed


        Part VI.  General Administration

  323D-61 Personnel

  323D-62 Rules


        Part VII.  Hospital Acquisition

  323D-71 Definitions

  323D-72 Acquisition of hospital

  323D-73 Notice; procedures

  323D-74 Hearings

  323D-75 Review; decision; rules

  323D-76 Acquisition in the public interest; decision of

          attorney general

  323D-77 Acquisition; decision by agency

  323D-78 Revocation; hearing

  323D-79 Public interest

  323D-80 License renewal

  323D-81 Prior acquisitions

  323D-82 Maintenance of services

  323D-83 Statutory authority




  Chapter reenacted by L 1977, c 178, §2.

  Chapter heading amended by L 1984, c 267, §1.

  Health care workforce shortage map and database; projections through 2020.  L 2007, c 219, §§5, 6.

  Maui county; expedited reviews for certain certificate of need applications.  L 2007, c 219, §3.


Cross References


  Conformance with federal law, see §431:2-201.5.

  Hawaii health authority, see chapter 322H.

  Health maintenance organization act, see chapter 432D.

  Hospital sustainability program, see chapter 346G.

  Kahuku medical center; designation as a rural hospital, see §346-53.8.

  Nursing facility sustainability program, see chapter 346F.


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