§321H-4  Neurotrauma special fund.  (a)  There is established the neurotrauma special fund to be administered by the department with advisory recommendations from the neurotrauma advisory board.  The fund shall consist of:

     (1)  Moneys raised pursuant to the surcharges levied under sections 291-11.5, 291-11.6, 291C-12, 291C-12.5, 291C-12.6, 291C-102, 291C-105, and 291E-61;

     (2)  Federal funds granted by Congress or executive order, for the purpose of this chapter; provided that the acceptance and use of federal funds shall not commit state funds for services and shall not place an obligation upon the legislature to continue the purpose for which the federal funds are made available; and

     (3)  Funds appropriated by the legislature for the purpose of this chapter.

     (b)  The fund shall be used for the purpose of funding and contracting for services relating to neurotrauma as follows:

     (1)  Education on neurotrauma;

     (2)  Assistance to individuals and families to identify and obtain access to services;

     (3)  Creation of a registry of neurotrauma injuries within the State to identify incidence, prevalence, individual needs, and related information; and

     (4)  Necessary administrative expenses to carry out this chapter not to exceed two per cent of the total amount collected.

     (c)  Moneys in the neurotrauma special fund may be appropriated to obtain federal and private grant matching funds, subject to section 321H-4(a)(2).

     (d)  In administering the fund, the director shall maintain records of all expenditures and disbursements made from the neurotrauma special fund.

     (e)  The director shall submit to the legislature an annual report on the activities under the neurotrauma special fund no later than twenty days prior to the convening of each regular session. [L 2002, c 160, pt of §2; am L 2006, c 129, §6]