[Part XXXVII.]  domestic violence fatality review


     §321-471  Definitions.  As used in this part:

     "Dating relationship" as used in this section has the same meaning prescribed in section 586-1.

     "Department" means the department of health.

     "Director" means the director of health or the director's designated representative.

     "Domestic violence" means physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or the threat of imminent physical harm, bodily injury, or assault, extreme psychological abuse or malicious property damage between family or household members.

     "Domestic violence fatality review information" means information regarding a victim, including but not limited to:

     (1)  Social, medical, and legal history;

     (2)  Death and birth certificates;

     (3)  Law enforcement investigative information and data;

     (4)  Medical examiner or coroner investigative information and data;

     (5)  Parole and probation information and records;

     (6)  Information and records of social services agencies;

     (7)  Educational records; and

     (8)  Health care institution information.

     "Domestic violence fatality review team" means those individuals appointed by the director to review domestic violence fatalities.

     "Extreme psychological abuse" as used in this section has the same meaning prescribed in section 586-1.

     "Family or household members" as used in this section means:

     (1)  Each legal parent;

     (2)  The natural mother;

     (3)  The natural father;

     (4)  Each natural or adopted child;

     (5)  Each sibling or person related by consanguinity;

     (6)  Spouses or former spouses;

     (7)  Reciprocal beneficiaries or former reciprocal beneficiaries;

     (8)  Each person who has or has had a dating relationship;

     (9)  Each person jointly residing or formerly residing in the same dwelling unit; and

    (10)  Any other person who, or legal entity that, is a victim's legal or physical custodian or guardian, or who is otherwise responsible for the victim's care, other than an authorized agency that assumes such a legal status or relationship with the victim under chapter 587A.

     "Malicious property damage" as used in this section has the same meaning prescribed in section 586-1.

     "Preventable death" means a death that reasonable medical, social, legal, psychological, or educational intervention may have prevented.

     "Provider of medical care" means any health care practitioner who provides, or a facility through which is provided, any medical evaluation or treatment, including dental and mental health evaluation or treatment.

     "Suspect" means a person suspected of having caused a victim's death.

     "Victim" means an adult whose death is suspected of having been caused by domestic violence or domestic violence-related suicide. [L 2006, c 82, pt of §1; am L 2010, c 135, §7]