Emergency medical services; community paramedicine program; report to 2020-2023 legislature. L 2019, c 140, 3.

Study of the state emergency medical system; task force to develop a plan to implement findings and recommendations of the study; reports to 2020-2021 legislature (task force dissolved on June 30, 2021). L 2019, c 60, 2, 3.


Cross References


Enhanced 911 services for mobile phones, see chapter 138.

Peer support counseling; sessions, see 78-52.

Safe place for newborns, see chapter 587D.

Trauma system special fund, see 321-22.5.

Volunteer emergency medical disaster response personnel, see 321-23.3.


321-221 Findings and purpose. The legislature finds that the establishment of a state comprehensive emergency medical services system to include but not be limited to emergency medical services for children is a matter of compelling state interest and necessary to protect and preserve the health of the people of the State. A system designed to reduce medical emergency deaths, injuries, and permanent long-term disability through the implementation of a fully integrated, cohesive network of components, the legislature further finds, will best serve the health needs of the people. Accordingly, the purpose of this part is to establish and maintain a state comprehensive emergency medical services system throughout the State, and to fix the responsibility for the administration of this state system which shall provide for the arrangement of personnel, facilities, and equipment for the effective and coordinated delivery of health care services under emergency conditions whether occurring as the result of a patient's condition or of natural disasters or other causes. The system shall provide for personnel, personnel training, communications, emergency transportation, facilities, coordination with emergency medical and critical care services, coordination and use of available public safety agencies, promotion of consumer participation, accessibility to care, mandatory standard medical recordkeeping, consumer information and education, independent review and evaluation, disaster linkage, mutual aid agreements, and other components necessary to meet the purposes of this part. [L 1978, c 148, pt of 1; am L 1981, c 93, 1; am L 1994, c 242, 1]



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