Part heading amended by L 1981, c 193, §2; L 1993, c 6, §12; L 2022, c 37, §2.


     §321-101  Hearing and vision program.  (a)  There is established a hearing and vision program for children to be conducted by the department of health.  The purpose of the program shall be to increase the early identification of hearing or vision loss in children by establishing consistent protocols for hearing and vision screening and follow-up, screener training, and data collection for quality improvement.

     (b)  The department shall set recommended standards for:

     (1)  Protocols for evidence-based hearing and vision screening, including designation of ages or grades for screening;

     (2)  Screening tools, instruments, and passing and referral criteria for screening that are based on national guidelines and best practices; 

     (3)  Referrals, tracking of referrals, and follow-up of children who do not pass screening;

     (4)  Training, certification, and qualifications of personnel who conduct hearing and vision screening, other than those who are licensed health care professionals acting within their legal scope of practice; and

     (5)  Data collection and reporting on hearing and vision screening, referral, and follow-up.

     (c)  Within available resources, the program shall include consultation with and education of students, parents, and health and education personnel about hearing and vision screening, treatment, and services. [L 1965, c 246, §5; Supp, §46-100; HRS §321-101; am L 1981, c 193, §2; am L 1992, c 312, §1; am L 2022, c 37, §2]