Part heading amended by L 1981, c 193, 2; L 1993, c 6, 12.


321-101 Systematic hearing and vision program. (a) There is established a systematic hearing and vision program for children to be conducted by the department of health. The purpose of the program shall be to:

(1) Detect and identify hearing and vision deficiencies in school children; and

(2) Recommend to their parents or guardians the need for appropriate evaluation of children who have hearing or vision deficiencies, or both, and follow-up and track completed evaluations, including diagnostic and treatment information.

(b) Within available resources, the program shall include:

(1) Consultation with students, parents, and health and education personnel about treatment and rehabilitation of hearing and vision deficiencies; and

(2) Education of students, health and education personnel, and the general public about preserving and caring for hearing and vision and about preventing hearing and vision deficiencies.

(c) The departments of health and education, in cooperation with each other, may conduct classes and lectures in hearing and vision conservation and prevention of hearing loss and blindness for teachers, public health nurses, and others engaged in similar work. The departments shall also cooperate with public and private organizations and societies to educate the public in the importance of hearing and vision conservation. [L 1965, c 246, 5; Supp, 46-100; HRS 321-101; am L 1981, c 193, 2; am L 1992, c 312, 1]


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