§321-52  Powers, duties, and activities of the department.   To carry out the purposes of this part, the department of health may:

     (1)  Establish and administer a program of services for children with special health needs, which shall provide for developing, extending, and improv­ing services, especially in rural areas, for locating such children, and for providing for medical, surgical, corrective, and other services and care, and facilities for diagnosis, hospitalization, and after-care; extend and improve any such services; cooperate with medical, health, nursing, and welfare groups and organizations and with any agency of the State charged with the administration of laws providing for vocational rehabili­tation of children with special health needs; and, cooperate with the department of education for the education of such children;

     (2)  Formulate and administer a detailed plan for the purposes specified in paragraph (1) above; and adopt such rules pursuant to chapter 91 as may be necessary or desirable for the administration of the plan and of this part.  Any plan shall include provisions for:

          (A)  Financial participation by the State in the funds appropriated by the Congress of the United States under applicable federal legislation;

          (B)  Administration of the plan by the department;

          (C)  Such methods of administration (other than those relating to selec­tion, tenure of office, and compensation of personnel) as are neces­sary for the efficient operation of the plan;

          (D)  Maintenance of records and preparation of reports of services ren­dered as shall be directed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services of the United States;

          (E)  Carrying out the purposes specified in paragraph (1) above; and

          (F)  Cooperation with medical, health, nursing, and welfare groups and organizations and with any agency in the State charged with admin­istering state laws providing for vocational rehabilitation of children with special needs;

     (3)  Cooperate with the federal government through its appropriate agency or instrumentality in developing, extending, and improving such services and receive and expend all funds made available to the department by the federal government, the State, or its political subdivisions, or from any other sources, including private donations, for such purposes; and

     (4)  Take all other actions necessary or desirable to carry out the purposes of this part. [L 1939, c 179, §3; RL 1945, §2103; RL 1955, §46-42; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, §§18, 19; HRS §321-52; am L 1981, c 71, §1; am L 1984, c 13, §1; am L 1988, c 4, §3]