[§321-46]  Breast density mammography results; report and notification.  (a)  Beginning January 1, 2014, every health care facility in which a mammography examination is performed shall provide a mammography report and notification to each patient who is categorized by the facility as having dense breast tissue.  The notification shall include in the summary of the mammography report sent to the patient, the following information, pursuant to the federal Mammography Quality Standards Act:


     "Your mammogram shows that your breast tissue is dense.  Dense breast tissue is very common and is not abnormal.  However, dense breast tissue can make it harder to find cancer on a mammogram and may also be associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.  This information about the result of your mammogram is given to you to raise your awareness.  Use this information to talk to your physician as to whether, based on your risk, more screening tests might be useful.  A report of your results was sent to your physician."


     (b)  For purposes of this section, "dense breast tissue" means heterogeneously dense or extremely dense tissue as defined in nationally-recognized guidelines or systems for breast imaging reporting of mammography screening, including the Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System of the American College of Radiology, and any equivalent new terms, as such guidelines or systems are revised. [L 2013, c 5, §1]