[321‑1.8]  Inspections; public notice. (a) Beginning with inspections occurring on January 1, 2015, the department of health shall post on its website electronic copies of reports for all inspections it performs of the following state-licensed care facilities:

(1) Adult day health centers;

(2) Adult day care centers;

(3) Community care foster family homes;

(4) Developmental disabilities domiciliary homes as defined in section 321‑15.9;

(5) Developmentally disabled adult foster homes;

(6) Long-term care facilities as defined in section 349‑21(f); and

(7) Special treatment facilities as defined in section 334‑1.

(b) Each report shall be posted on the department of health's website within five working days of the conclusion of each inspection and shall include the following information:

(1) The date of the inspection;

(2) A description of violations of relevant state laws or rules, if applicable;

(3) Plans of correction and the status of corrective actions in response to any violations, if applicable;

(4) A list and description of all corrective actions taken by the facility, if applicable, to be submitted by the facility and added to the report at a later time, as determined by the department; and

(5) Other information regarding the quality and conditions of the facility the department of health deems appropriate.

(c) Each report posted on the department of health's website that reports a violation committed by a state-licensed care facility as described in subsection (a) shall be removed from the website after three years from the date the report was posted. [L 2013, c 213, 2]



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