321 Department of Health

  321C Office of Language Access

  321D Interdepartmental Cluster for Services to Children

  321E Dispersal Review Council--Repealed

  321F Office of the Aloha Health Corps--Repealed

  321G California-Hawaii Cooperative Commission--Repealed

  321H Neurotrauma

   322 Nuisances; Sanitary Regulations

  322H Hawaii Health Authority

   323 Hospitals and Medical Facilities

  323B Health Care Privacy Harmonization Act

  323C Privacy of Health Care Information--Repealed

  323D Health Planning and Resources Development and

       Health Care Cost Control

  323F Hawaii Health Systems Corporation

  323G Hospital Discharge Planning--Designation of a Caregiver

   324 Medical Research; Morbidity and Mortality


   325 Infectious and Communicable Diseases

   326 Hansen's Disease

   327 Medical and Research Use of Bodies

  327C Death

  327D Medical Treatment Decisions--Repealed

  327E Uniform Health-Care Decisions Act (Modified)

  327F Medical Treatment Decisions for Psychotic Disorders--


  327G Advance Mental Health Care Directives

  327H Pain Patient's Bill of Rights

  327K Provider Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment

  327L Our Care, Our Choice Act

  327N Hydrolysis Facilities

   328 Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics

  328A Water, Furnishing Potable--Repealed

  328B Return-for-Credit-and-Reuse of Prescription Drugs--


  328C Donation of Pharmaceuticals and Health Care Supplies

  328D Bottled Water

  328E Intoxicating Compounds

  328G Hemp Processors

  328J Smoking

  328K Smoking--Repealed

  328L Hawaii Tobacco Settlement Moneys

   329 Uniform Controlled Substances Act

  329B Substance Abuse Testing

  329C Imitation Controlled Substances Act

  329D Medical Cannabis Dispensary System

  329E Overdose Prevention and Emergency Response Act

   330 Poisons, Sale of

  330C Hawaii Poison Prevention Packaging Act

   331 Radium for Medical and Surgical Purposes--Repealed

   332 Mattresses, Manufacture, Etc., and Sale of

  332D Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers

   333 Mental Retardation--Repealed

  333E Developmental Disabilities

  333F Services for Persons with Developmental or

       Intellectual Disabilities

   334 Mental Health, Mental Illness, Drug Addiction,

       and Alcoholism

  334B Utilization Review and Managed Care of Mental Health,

       Alcohol, or Drug Abuse Treatment

  334D Diversion Program for Chemically Dependent Nurses

  334E Rights of Recipients of Mental Health Services

   335 Interstate Compact on Mental Health

   336 Deportation and Transfer of Alien and Nonresident

       Public Charges

   337 Uniform Act for the Extradition of Persons of Unsound


   338 Vital Statistics

   339 Litter Control

  339D Electronic Device Recycling and Recovery Act

  339K Northwest Interstate Compact on Low-Level Radioactive

       Waste Management

   340 Hawaii Waste Management--Repealed

  340A Solid Waste

  340B Wastewater Treatment Personnel

  340E Safe Drinking Water

  340F Hawaii Law for Mandatory Certification of Public

       Water System Operators

   341 Environmental Advisory Council

   342 Environmental Quality--Repealed

  342B Air Pollution Control

  342C Ozone Layer Protection

  342D Water Pollution

  342E Nonpoint Source Pollution Management and Control

  342F Noise Pollution

  342G Integrated Solid Waste Management

  342H Solid Waste Pollution

  342I Special Wastes Recycling

  342J Hazardous Waste

  342L Underground Storage Tanks

  342N Used Oil Transport, Recycling, and Disposal--Repealed

  342P Asbestos and Lead

   343 Environmental Impact Statements

  343D Hawaii Environmental Disclosure Law--Repealed

   344 State Environmental Policy




  Pacific-Asia institute for resilience and sustainability.  L 2014, c 229.





        Part I.  General and Administrative Provisions


    321-1 General powers and duties of the department

  321-1.1 Development of environmental goals and


  321-1.3 Domestic violence and sexual assault special fund

  321-1.4 Office of health care assurance special fund;

          deposits; expenditures

  321-1.5 Primary health care incentive program;


  321-1.6 Additional duties of the director

 321-1.65 Community health centers special fund

  321-1.7 Public health nursing services program

  321-1.8 Inspections; public notice

  321-1.9 Inspections; visits; state-licensed or state-certified

          care facilities

    321-2 General office

  321-2.5 Volunteer medical assistance personnel

  321-2.7 Preceptor credit assurance committee

    321-3 Repealed

    321-4 Agents and inspectors

  321-4.3 Epidemiologists

  321-4.5 Inspection of food establishments

  321-4.6 Advisory council on food protection practices;


  321-4.7 Producers of hand-pounded poi; exemption

    321-5 Contract for exchange of Hawaii personnel

    321-6 Repealed

  321-6.5 Clinical laboratory test results

    321-7 Disbursement of moneys

    321-8 Repealed

    321-9 Seal, rules and regulations

   321-10 Rules, adoption, effect

 321-10.5 Agricultural processing facilities; permits;


   321-11 Subjects of health rules, generally

 321-11.1 Medically accurate sexuality health education

 321-11.2 Adult foster homes

 321-11.3 Repealed

 321-11.4 Fees for electronic applications and payments

 321-11.5 Establishment of fees

321-11.51 Sanitation permits; transfer

 321-11.6 Genetically modified organisms

 321-11.7 Repealed

 321-11.8 Care homes; liability insurance; coverage

 321-11.9 Dental health facilities; health care facilities; use

          of latex gloves

   321-12 Barbers, hairdressers, cosmeticians,

          cosmetologists, and beauticians

 321-12.2 Tanning facilities; minors; penalties

 321-12.5 Certified forensic examination fees

   321-13 Regulation of certain other occupations

 321-13.5 Certified nurse aides; investigations of abuse

          and neglect

   321-14 License to practice certain occupations

 321-14.5 Hospitals; licensing

 321-14.8 Home care agencies; licensing

   321-15 Biennial registration; fees, failure to register;

          denial, suspension, or revocation of a license

 321-15.1 Definitions

 321-15.2 Background checks

 321-15.3 Criminal history disclosure of prospective

          care home resident

 321-15.5 Repealed

 321-15.6 Adult residential care homes; licensing

321-15.61 Adult residential care homes expanded admissions

321-15.62 Expanded adult residential care homes; licensing

321-15.63 Hospice services

 321-15.7 Penalty

 321-15.8 Repealed

 321-15.9 Developmental disabilities residential services

  321-16, 16.1 Repealed

 321-16.5 Special treatment facilities

 321-16.6 Therapeutic living programs

   321-17 Vessels to carry diseased persons; penalty

   321-18 Penalty

   321-19 Delegation to counties

   321-20 Remedies

   321-21 Infectious wastes; management and disposal

   321-22 Long term care service development fund established

 321-22.5 Trauma system special fund

   321-23 Catastrophic and traumatic emergency response

          program established

 321-23.3 Volunteer emergency medical disaster response


 321-23.6 Rapid identification documents

   321-24 to 26 Repealed

 321-26.5 Environmentally-sensitive cleaning and maintenance

          products for use in public schools; approved list

          of products

   321-27 Sanitation and environmental health special fund

 321-27.5 Audit of sanitation branch

   321-28 Traumatic brain injury advisory board

   321-29 Epidemiologic investigations

 321-29.5 Testing laboratory; diseases; air and water quality

   321-30 Human placenta

 321-30.1 Medical cannabis registry and regulation special

          fund; established

 321-30.2 Civil monetary penalty special fund

 321-30.3 Default beverages offered with children's meals

 321-30.4 Cosmetics; animal testing; prohibition

 321-30.5 Prohibition of plastic microbeads; personal care

          products; non-prescription drugs


        Part II.  Preventive Medicine

   321-31 Functions of the department

   321-32 Epidemiological specialists

   321-33 Shaken baby syndrome

   321-34 Cytomegalovirus public education

   321-35 Department of education student physical examination

          follow-up assistance and consultations


        Part IIA.  Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

   321-36 Definitions

   321-37 Child abuse and neglect secondary prevention


   321-38 Hawaii children's trust fund advisory committee


        Part III.  Cancer Control

   321-41 Educational program

   321-42 Tumor clinics

   321-43 Statistical activities

   321-44 Repealed

   321-45 Cancer examination

   321-46 Breast density mammography results; report and



        Part IV.  Children with Special Health Needs

   321-51 Department to administer part

   321-52 Powers, duties, and activities of the department

 321-52.5 Repealed

   321-53 Funds

   321-54 Application of part


        Part V.  Dental Health

   321-61 Dental health

   321-62 General duties of department

   321-63 Director's specific duties and powers


        Part VI.  Industrial Hygiene

   321-71 Industrial hygiene

   321-72 Sources of ionizing radiation; federal-state



        Part VII.  Nutrition

   321-81 Nutrition

   321-82 Field nutritionist, rural Oahu


        Part VIII.  Home Health Services

   321-91 Program of home health services

   321-92 Fees for services

   321-93 Home health services; source of funds; disposition

          of receipts


        Part IX.  Hearing and Vision Program

  321-101 Hearing and vision program


        Part IXA.  Prevention of Blindness

  321-106 Prevention of blindness at childbirth


        Part X.  Sexually Transmitted Diseases

  321-111 Sexually transmitted disease prevention program

  321-112 to 114 Repealed

  321-115 Prophylactics


        Part XI.  Chronic Renal Disease--Repealed

  321-121 to 123 Repealed


        Part XII.  Safety Glazing of Glass--Repealed

  321-131 to 137 Repealed


        Part XIII.  Emergency services--Repealed

  321-151 Repealed


        Part XIV.  Blood Alcohol

  321-161 Chemical testing for alcohol concentration or drug



        Part XV.  Mental Health Services for Children

                  and Youth

  321-171 Children's mental health services; department


321-171.5 Employees of the department of health, its providers

          and subcontractors; background checks

  321-172 Children's mental health services branch

  321-173 Community mental health services for children and


  321-174 Coordination of services with department of


  321-175 Statewide children's mental health services plan

  321-176 Biennial review of progress

  321-177 Rules


        Part XVI.  Substance Abuse

  321-191 Definitions

  321-192 Substance abuse program

321-192.5 Substance abuse treatment monitoring program

  321-193 Duties and responsibilities of department

321-193.5 Interagency coordination

321-193.7 Clean and sober homes registry

  321-194 State advisory commission

  321-195 Annual report to the legislature

  321-196 Rules

  321-197 Personnel

  321-198 State funding of substance abuse agencies


        Part XVII.  Smoking in Public Places--Repealed

  321-201 to 206 Repealed


        Part XVIIA.  Tobacco Products

  321-211 Definitions

  321-212 Tobacco products; possession or consumption


  321-213 Exemptions

  321-214 Enforcement; rules


        Part XVIII.  State Emergency Medical Services System

  321-221 Findings and purpose

  321-222 Definitions

  321-223 State emergency medical services system, establishment

  321-224 Department of health, functions, duties

321-224.2 Enhanced and expanded emergency medical services; fees

321-224.4 Community paramedicine program; established

  321-225 The state emergency medical services advisory


321-225.5 Fall prevention and early detection coordinator

  321-226 Emergency medical services and systems, standards

  321-227 Regulation of ambulances

  321-228 Emergency medical services; counties

321-228.5 Renumbered

321-228.6 Renumbered

  321-229 Emergency medical services personnel, training


321-229.2 First responder personnel; dementia training

321-229.5 Renumbered

  321-230 Technical assistance, data collection, evaluation

  321-231 Grants

  321-232 Revenues; deposit into state general fund

  321-233 Rules

  321-234 Emergency medical services special fund

  321-235 Immunity and limitation on liability for emergency

          aeromedical services

  321-236 Emergency medical services; use of latex gloves


  321-237 Retention of relevant documentation


        Part XIX.  School Health Services Program--Repealed

  321-241 to 246 Repealed


        Part XX.  Agent Orange--Repealed

  321-261 to 271 Repealed


        Part XXI.  Hemophilia

  321-281 Financial assistance fund for hemophilia

  321-282 General duties of the department


        Part XXII.  Newborn Metabolic Screening

  321-291 Tests for phenylketonuria, hypothyroidism, and other

          metabolic diseases


        Part XXIIA.  Newborn Pulse Oximetry Screening

  321-296 Newborn pulse oximetry screening


        Part XXIII.  Health Education

  321-301 Bilingual health education aide program;



        Part XXIV.  Environmentally-Related Illness and Injury

  321-311 Environmentally-related illness and injury


321-311.5 Renumbered

  321-312 Definition of environmentally-related illness or


  321-313 Definition of health care professional

  321-314 Reports to the department

  321-315 Confidentiality

  321-316 Immunity from liability

  321-317 Rules


        Part XXV.  Maternal and Child Health Program

  321-321 Purpose

  321-322 Administration of programs

  321-323 Definitions

  321-324 Powers of the department

  321-325 Agreements

  321-326 Rules

  321-327 Hawaii home visiting program; established


        Part XXVI.  Prenatal Health Care

  321-331 Prenatal health care; authority


        Part XXVII.  Child Death Review

  321-341 Multidisciplinary and multiagency reviews

  321-342 Definitions

  321-343 Access to information; use of child death review

          information; protections

  321-344 Exception

  321-345 Repealed

321-345.5 Child death reviews; reports

  321-346 Immunity from liability


        Part XXVIII.  Infants and Toddlers

  321-351 Definitions

  321-352 Early intervention services for infants and toddlers

          with special needs

321-352.2 Early language services for children who are deaf,

          hard of hearing, or deaf-blind

  321-353 Hawaii early intervention coordinating council;


  321-354 Rules

  321-355 Early intervention special fund

  321-356 Repealed

  321-357 Early intervention special fund; purpose and use


        Part XXIX.  Statewide Newborn Hearing Screening


  321-361 Definitions

  321-362 Duties

321-362.5 Hearing screening, diagnostic audiologic evaluation,

          and intervention

  321-363 Rules


        Part XXX.  Tattoo Artists

  321-371 Purpose

  321-372 Definitions

  321-373 Regulation of tattoo artists

321-373.5 Permit; required for tattoo shop and temporary


  321-374 License required; exemptions

  321-375 Examination, fees required

  321-376 Repealed

  321-377 Suspension or revocation of permit or license

  321-378 Repealed

  321-379 Enforcement; penalties

  321-380 Repealed

  321-381 Biennial renewal; failure to renew

  321-382 Fees

  321-383 Repealed


        Part XXXI.  Midwives--Repealed

  321-391 to 398 Repealed


        Part XXXII.  Food Safety Consultative and Education


  321-401 Findings and purpose

  321-402 Food safety consultative and education program

  321-403 Food safety control system

  321-404 Public information monitoring system

  321-405 Confidentiality of information


        Part XXXIII.  Indoor Air Quality

  321-411 Definitions

  321-412 Indoor air quality program

  321-413 General functions, powers, and duties of the



        Part XXXIV.  Birth Defects Program

  321-421 Definitions

  321-422 Birth defects program

  321-423 Confidentiality of data

  321-424 Rules

  321-425 Requests for information

  321-426 Birth defects special fund


        Part XXXV.  Case Management Services for Medically

                    Fragile Children

  321-431 Definitions

  321-432 Case management services for medically fragile



        Part XXXVI.  Emergency Response Stockpile

  321-441 Definitions

  321-442 Exemption from certain laws and rules


        Part XXXVII.  Domestic Violence Fatality Review

  321-471 Definitions

  321-472 Multidisciplinary and multiagency reviews

  321-473 Access to information

  321-474 Exception

  321-475 Use of domestic violence fatality review information

          and records

  321-476 Immunity from liability


        Part XXXVIII.  Home and Community-Based Case

                       Management Agencies and Community Care

                       Foster Family Homes

  321-481 Definitions

  321-482 Home and community-based case management agency,

          authority over and evaluation of

  321-483 Community care foster family home, authority over

          and evaluation of

  321-484 Repealed

  321-485 Penalty


        Part XXXVIIIA.  Uncertified or Unlicensed Care


  321-486 Investigations

321-486.1 Action upon investigation

321-486.2 Right of entry

321-486.3 Penalty

  321-487 Referral or transfers to uncertified or unlicensed

          care facility; penalty

  321-488 Exclusion


        Part XXXIX.  Services to Adults

  321-491 Purpose

  321-492 Definitions

  321-493 Day care centers for disabled and aged persons

  321-494 Purchase of service

  321-495 Penalty

  321-496 Repealed


        Part XL.  Mortality Review of Deaths of Persons with

                  Developmental or Intellectual Disabilities

  321-501 Multidisciplinary and multiagency mortality reviews

  321-502 Definitions

  321-503 Access to information

  321-504 Exception

  321-505 Use of information and records from mortality

          reviews of deaths of persons with developmental

          or intellectual disabilities

  321-506 Immunity from liability


        Part XLI.  Compassionate Care for Sexual Assault


  321-511 Definitions

  321-512 Compassionate care

  321-513 Enforcement; administrative penalties

  321-514 Rules


        Part XLII.  Stroke Care

  321-531 Definitions

  321-532 Stroke system of care; department duties

  321-533 Stroke database

  321-534 Confidential information


        Part XLIII.  Durable Medical Equipment Supplier

                     License Program

  321-541 Title

  321-542 Definitions

  321-543 Licensing

  321-544 License fee

  321-545 Exemptions

  321-546 Rules

  321-547 Severability


        Part XLIV.  Miscellaneous Provisions

  321-561 Limited service pregnancy centers; notice of

          reproductive health services

  321-562 Limited service pregnancy centers; enforcement;

          private right of action

  321-563 Seizure first aid; information


        Part XLV.  Skilled Nursing Facilities

  321-571 Skilled nursing facilities


        Part XLVI.  Leahi Hospital and Maluhia

  321-581 Authority of the department of health

  321-582 Consultation with the University of Hawaii required

  321-583 Reduction or elimination of direct patient care



        Part XLVII.  Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl

                     Substances Prohibited

  321-601 Definitions

  321-602 Food packaging; prohibited items

  321-603 Class B firefighting foam; prohibited items

  321-604 Manufacturers of class B firefighting foam;

          prohibitions; certificate of compliance; penalty

  321-605 Rules




  Cesspool compliance pilot grant project; report to 2024 legislature (repealed on June 30, 2028).  L 2022, c 153, §2.

  Concussion educational program under department of education.  L 2012, c 197; L 2016, c 262.

  Continuum of dental care; community-based dental health clinics.  L 2006, c 199.

  Dark night skies protection strategy; advisory committee (dissolved on June 30, 2027); report to 2018-2021 legislature.  L 2017, c 185, §§2, 3.

  Department of health to request funding for the permanent position that facilitates the licensing of home care agencies as part of its annual budget request, beginning with fiscal year 2015-2016.  L 2014, c 125, §4.

  Food and Drug Administration-approved, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-recommended test for tuberculosis infection as alternative to Mantoux tuberculin skin test.  L 2017, c 94.

  Trauma-informed care task force; report to 2024 legislature (ceases to exist on July 1, 2024).  L 2021, c 209, §2.

  Working group to develop, evaluate, and implement any additional steps necessary to complete the transition of the Oahu regional health care system into the department of health; report to 2022 and 2025 legislatures (dissolved on December 31, 2025, or upon completion of the transition, whichever is sooner).  L 2021, c 212, §9; L 2022, c 150, §2.


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