Part I.  General Provisions


    312-1 Duties of the board of education

    312-2 Powers of board; special fund

  312-2.1 Appointment of state librarian; duties; salary

  312-2.2 Special assistant to the state librarian;

          appointment and duties; secretary

    312-3 Exchange of librarians

  312-3.3 Reallocation of vacant positions

  312-3.5 Detention of public library materials; penalty

  312-3.6 Libraries special fund

  312-3.7 Friends of the library of Hawaii program fund

  312-3.8 Use of public library facilities

  312-3.9 Selection and acquisition of library books

    312-4 Repealed

  312-4.5 Disposition of fines and related income

  312-4.6 Cost-recovery fees for the administration of Hawaii

          state public library system

    312-5 Annual report to the governor

    312-6 Repealed

    312-7 Job-sharing

    312-8 Literacy and lifelong learning program

  312-8.5 Digital literacy program

   312-9, 10 Repealed

   312-11 Pilot program for lease of public library land

   312-12 Early learning classrooms and services on public

          library property; authorized


        Part II.  Fee for Enhanced Services Program

   312-21 Fee for enhanced services program; established

   312-22 Library fee for enhanced services special fund