[305J-12] Requirements to maintain authorization. (a) Authorization by the director shall be conditioned on the maintenance of accreditation by the institution and compliance with section 305J-14. Authorization shall be automatically suspended effective as of the date of the cancellation or expiration of accreditation or the cancellation or expiration of the surety bond if a surety bond was filed with the department. The director shall not reinstate the affected institution until satisfactory proof of compliance is submitted to the department. Failure to reinstate a suspended authorization within sixty days of suspension shall result in the termination of the authorization, and the institution shall forfeit all fees and shall be required to apply for authorization as a new applicant.

(b) An institution's authorization shall be placed on probationary status without further action by the department in the event that:

(1) The institution is placed on probationary status by its accrediting agency, contemporaneous with the action of such agency;

(2) The institution's accrediting agency ceases to be recognized by the United States Department of Education; or

(3) In the case of a seminary or religious training institution, the seminary or religious training institution no longer meets the definition of such under this chapter.

(c) An institution may, within fifteen days of the receipt of the notification of probation under this section, request an administrative hearing for review pursuant to chapter 91.

(d) If an institution's authorization is revoked due to the institution's loss of accreditation, the institution shall provide written notice to all students within thirty days following the date of revocation.

(e) A private college or university, seminary, or religious training institution that is authorized pursuant to this chapter shall:

(1) Not make or cause to be made any oral, written, or visual statement or representation that violates section 305J-11(b);

(2) Provide the department with a copy of its enrollment agreement, if applicable, in accordance with its reauthorization schedule;

(3) Provide bona fide instruction, in accordance with the standards and criteria set by its accrediting body; and

(4) If its ownership changes, provide the department with any material information concerning the transaction at least thirty days prior to the transaction. [L 2013, c 180, pt of 2]



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