[§305J-6]  Department's powers and authority.  (a)  The department shall administer the provisions of this chapter and any administrative rules, policies, and procedures adopted by the director.

     (b)  To administer this chapter, the department shall:

     (1)  Maintain a list of the private colleges or universities, seminaries, and religious training institutions that have been authorized and make this list available to the public;

     (2)  Maintain a list of the states with which the director has entered into a post-secondary education authorization reciprocity agreement and make this list available to the public; and

     (3)  Receive, arbitrate, investigate, and process complaints.

     (c)  In conducting an investigation, the department may physically inspect the private college or university, seminary, or religious training institution's facilities and records, and the institution shall have an affirmative duty to cooperate with requests from the department for information regarding any investigation or inspection.

     (d)  In administering its responsibilities, the department may assess fees sufficient to provide for the self-sufficiency of the program pursuant to section 26-9(o). [L 2013, c 180, pt of §2]



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