[305J-3] Applicability of chapter; exceptions. (a) This chapter shall not apply to:

(1) Schools or educational programs conducted by firms, corporations, or persons for the training of their own employees;

(2) Apprenticeship or other training programs provided by labor unions to union members or applicants for union membership;

(3) Schools or educational programs that provide courses of instruction that do not lead to the conferring of a degree;

(4) Schools or educational programs that offer seminars, refresher courses, and programs of instruction sponsored by professional, business, or farming organizations or associations for their members or the employees of their members;

(5) Schools or educational programs that offer courses of instruction conducted by public school complex areas;

(6) Schools, courses of instruction, or courses of training that are offered by a vendor or the purchaser or prospective purchaser of the vendor's product when the objective of the school or course is to enable the purchaser or the purchaser's employees to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to use the product;

(7) Schools and educational programs conducted by religious entities that are owned, controlled, operated, and maintained by a religious organization lawfully operating as a nonprofit religious corporation and that award only religious degrees or certificates, including but not limited to a certificate of Talmudic studies, an associate of Biblical studies, a bachelor of religious studies, a master of divinity, or a doctor of divinity;

(8) Non-degree-granting post-secondary educational institutions licensed by any entity of the State or governed by any other chapter of the Hawaii Revised Statutes;

(9) Schools and educational programs that offer courses of instruction exclusively through online and distance education; and

(10) Unaccredited post-secondary educational institutions governed by chapter 446E.

(b) Nothing in this subsection shall prohibit an entity listed in subsection (a) or section 305J-4 from applying for authorization; provided that the entity shall meet the criteria for and comply with all authorization requirements under this chapter. [L 2013, c 180, pt of 2]



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