305J-1 Post-secondary education authorization program;


    305J-2 Definitions

    305J-3 Applicability of chapter; exceptions

    305J-4 Authorization of the University of Hawaii system

    305J-5 Powers and duties of the director

    305J-6 Department's powers and authority

    305J-7 Awarding degrees

    305J-8 Authorization to operate in the State; private

           college or university

    305J-9 Authorization to operate in the State; seminary

           or religious training institutions

   305J-10 Reauthorization

   305J-11 Grounds for refusal to reauthorize, reinstate,

           or restore and for revocation, suspension,

           probation, or denial; condition of authorization

           or sanctions

 305J-11.5 Opportunity for administrative hearing

   305J-12 Requirements to maintain authorization

   305J-13 Deposit of records upon discontinuance

   305J-14 Financial integrity; surety bond

   305J-15 Claims against a private college or university;

           cessation of operation; alternative enrollment

   305J-16 Reciprocity

   305J-17 Complaints; injunctive proceedings

   305J-18 Fees; public hearing

   305J-19 Post-secondary education authorization special


   305J-20 Candidates for accreditation; requirements; sanctions


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