[304A-3252] Duties of the center. The center shall:

(1) Serve as a research arm of the workforce development council and such other public agencies as may properly require its services and assistance in locating research experts for particular studies and in working out the dimensions and contractual arrangements for such studies, the costs and final decisions of which shall be the responsibility of the requesting agencies;

(2) Encourage and promote invention and experimentation in futures study, planning, and design;

(3) Maintain an inventory of studies, research, and other information, including groups or persons concerned with futures study, planning, and design applicable to the State; and

(4) Engage in the development and acquisition of models, techniques, and other tools, and capability for the effective monitoring, measuring, and forecasting of crucial aspects of Hawaii's socio-economic-environmental system over the immediate, intermediate, and long-range future, including the design of systems to assist and stabilize the State's construction industry. [L 2006, c 75, pt of 2]



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