[304A-2682] Revenue bond anticipation notes. In anticipation of the issuance under this subpart of revenue bonds and of the receipt of the proceeds of sale of revenue bonds, the board may issue and sell, without further authorization or approval, bond anticipation notes for the purposes for which the revenue bonds have been authorized, the maximum principal amount of which notes shall not exceed the authorized principal amount of the revenue bonds. The notes shall be payable from and secured by the proceeds of the sale of the bonds in anticipation of which the notes are issued, or the revenues of the university from which would be payable and by which the revenue bonds would be secured, or any combination thereof; provided that to the extent the principal of the notes is paid from moneys other than the proceeds of sale of the revenue bonds, the maximum amount of revenue bonds in anticipation of which the notes are issued that has been authorized shall be reduced by the amount of the notes paid in such manner. The issuance of the notes and the details thereof shall be governed by this subpart with respect to revenue bonds insofar as applicable; provided that:

(1) Each note, together with all renewals and extensions thereof, or refunds thereof by other notes issued under this section, shall mature within five years from the date of the original note; and

(2) The notes may be sold at public or private sale, as the board may determine. [L 2007, c 161, pt of 1]



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