[304A-2675] Support facility for variable rate revenue bonds. If revenue bonds issued pursuant to this subpart are issued bearing interest at a rate that varies from time to time or with a right of holders to tender the revenue bonds for purchase, or both, the board may contract for the support facility and remarketing arrangements as are required to market the revenue bonds to the greatest advantage of the board and the university upon terms and conditions that the board deems necessary and proper.

The board may enter into contracts or agreements with the entity providing a support facility; provided that any contract or agreement shall provide that any amount due and owing by the board under the contract or agreement on an annual basis shall be payable from the revenue of the university; provided further that any obligation issued or arising pursuant to the terms of the contract or agreement in the form of revenue bonds, notes, or other evidences of indebtedness shall only arise at such time as:

(1) Moneys or securities have been irrevocably set aside for the full payment of a like principal amount of revenue bonds issued pursuant to this subpart; or

(2) A like principal amount of the issue or series of revenue bonds to which the support facility relates are held in escrow by the entity or entities providing the support facility. [L 2007, c 161, pt of 1]



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