[304A-2402] Agricultural extension service; experiment station. The grants of moneys and the purposes of the grants authorized by the Act of Congress approved August 30, 1890, known as the Second Morrill Act, providing for the endowment and maintenance of colleges for the benefit of agriculture and the mechanic arts, and by the Acts of Congress approved March 2, 1887, March 16, 1906, and February 24, 1925, providing for agricultural experiment stations in connection with colleges of agriculture and mechanic arts, and by any other acts of Congress for similar purposes, heretofore assented to on behalf of the college of Hawaii, are hereby reassented to on behalf of the college of agriculture as an integral part of the University of Hawaii.

The assent of the legislature hereby is given to the provisions and requirements of the Acts of Congress of May 8, 1914, as supplemented by the Act of May 16, 1928, and to the provisions and requirements of the Act of Congress of May 22, 1928, and the board of regents may receive the grants of money appropriated under the Acts and organize and conduct agricultural extension work, which shall be carried on in connection with the college of agriculture of the university, in accordance with the terms and conditions expressed in the aforesaid Acts. [L 2006, c 75, pt of 2]



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