[304A-2277] Professional student exchange program revolving fund. (a) There is established a professional student exchange program revolving fund to be administered and expended by the Hawaii commission.

(b) The following moneys shall be deposited into the revolving fund:

(1) Principal and interest payments received as repayment of financial support from former or current participants of the professional student exchange program, pursuant to section 304A‑3209; and

(2) Interest earned or accrued on moneys in the revolving fund.

(c) Moneys in the revolving fund shall be expended to:

(1) Support the professional student exchange program's activities, including the provision of financial support to participants at Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education receiver institutions; and

(2) Enforce the collection of delinquent obligations. [L 2012, c 137, pt of 1; am L 2015, c 106, 18]


Revision Note


Pursuant to 23G-15, this section:

(1) Enacted as an addition to part VII, subpart D, was redesignated to this part; and

(2) Was renumbered from 304A-2179.



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