[304A-2273] Community college conference center revolving fund. (a) There is established the community college conference center revolving fund for conference center programs conducted by the various community colleges. All fees, charges, and other moneys collected in conjunction with the conference center program of each community college shall be deposited in separate accounts within the revolving fund. The chancellor of each community college or a designee is authorized to expend funds from the appropriate account in the revolving fund for all costs associated with conducting conferences, seminars, and courses by the conference center program, including but not limited to expenses for honoraria, hotel and room rentals, food and refreshment, printing and mailing, airfare and per diem, leis, rental of audiovisual equipment, and conference supplies and materials, without regard to section 103D-1002 and any competitive bidding requirements pursuant to state procurement requirements.

(b) The chancellors of the community colleges shall prepare an annual report to the legislature accounting for all income and expenditures of each separate account within the revolving fund. [L 2006, c 75, pt of 2]



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